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Why I started it?

With over 25 years of experience in transforming finance departments into Value-added Business Partners, my journey has led to a profound understanding: The evolution of finance organizations often stalls not due to a lack of intelligence or training, but due to limited exposure to what excellence truly looks like. We believe that exceptional financial leadership stems from the courage to transcend the familiar.

In an era where change is the only constant, clinging to outdated practices hinders progress. Our philosophy is rooted in the principle that finance professionals should not be confined solely to fiduciary responsibilities. While these duties are fundamental, we advocate for a paradigm shift towards efficiency and strategic insight.

Embracing the 80/20 rule, we emphasize that fiduciary responsibilities, though essential, should occupy no more than 20% of a finance professional’s time. This is achievable through a rigorous process of automating routine tasks, delegating effectively, and eliminating procedures that do not add value. The liberation of 80% of their time enables finance professionals to engage in deep analytical work, fostering a culture of innovation and strategic decision-making.

Join us in redefining the role of finance, transforming it from a traditional cost center to a dynamic, value-adding entity that drives business success. 


I am a results-driven Finance Executive with over 25+ years of diverse experience across many industries, including Manufacturing, Distribution, Building Products, Mining, Paper, Automotive, Consumer Products, Telecommunications, and Financial Services. My career journey has taken me through various roles within the accounting field, where I’ve consistently demonstrated a strong focus on operations and a commitment to driving value and optimum performance for organizations.

Jeff Van Pelt, CPA, CMA

Jeff Van Pelt CPA, CMA

Jeff Van Pelt

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ERP System Implementation & Migration
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